Sometimes you get registry entries or system files in your system is damaged somehow, even if you don't know the real reason why it is happen. But at same time you need to find a way to fix it without installing new system in your computer in order to save time and effort.

Here's a simple steps to make that problem to be fix with in a less time. In your system32 folder inside your WINDOWS folder, there's an application there that called "webfldrs.msi" it is an application to run on purpose for repairing some corrupted sytem files like your ".dll" file. In order to make it, follow this simple instruction:

  • Click Start button > select Run then type this c:\WINDOWS\system32\webfldrs.msi
  • Insert your Windows XP CD to your CD/DVD ROM, others call it Optical Drive.
  • Click the OK button, it will create an installation setup.
  • Click the "Select reinstall mode" button.
  • Check all the check box option.
  • Click the Reinstall button.
  • After clicking Reinstall button, it will automatically copy some of the important files needed from your CD that you inserted from your optical drive to your WINDOWS folder where it is reside. By default it is in your Drive C:\WINDOWS.
  • After done copying the important files, it will prompt a message saying that "Install has completed successfully"
  • Then click the OK button. After it, your system will ask you to reboot your computer in order to take effect the configuration changes made.
  • Click the Yes button to reboot your computer system.
Then here you go your corrupted system file is now fixed.

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