1. Open MS Excel.
  2. In the First Cell of the Worksheet press "space bar" key and then on the file menu select/click on "Save As Web page".
  3. In the Save As pop up, click to choose on "Selection" Sheet" radio button and then click on "Add interactively" check box to check it.
  4. Save the File then open the file which you save as webpage you'll see a Excel Sheet.
  5. With the Help of Page Down on your keyboard point to Row Number 2000 then point to Column "WC"
  6. Go To the Column WC such that it's on the extreme left of your screen
  7. Click on 2000 such that whole row is selected
  8. While Pressing CTRL+ALT+SHIFT click on The "Microsoft office" Logo on the same sheet on the extreme left of your sheet.
  9. There you go you can play now the game.

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