Having good sexual health does not mean that you have to remain completely abstinent from sex altogether. What it does mean is that you have to be careful, take precautions and most importantly take care of your body, since it’s the only one you have. Here are some easy ways to maintain good sexual health.


Always make sure you have protection with you. The one biggest mistake anybody can make when it comes to good sexual health is by not always carrying protection with them. If you do always carry protection with you, then you never have to worry if a spur of the moment intimacy occurs. 


Get tested and have a check-up regularly. The best way to maintain good sexual health is by frequently getting tested for STD’s and by following your doctor’s recommended annual physical plan. 


Get to know somebody before becoming intimate with them. By having sex with a stranger, you are essentially also having sex with anybody they have ever been with prior to you. You really should get to know them first, their habits and their sexual habits before sharing intimacy with them and putting yourself at risk. 


If you think you may have contracted something, see a doctor right away. Often time’s people will deny that they may have gotten infected with an STD, putting it out of their minds and ignoring the issue. If you think that there is even the smallest chance you have contracted a sexually transmitted disease, see a doctor and get tested right away.
It's a good way to have a healthy sexual life.

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