1. Place several potted cactus beside your computer as they can effectively absorb the radiation released by the computer.
  2. For those who have a tight schedule or have to rush for work, the simplest way to curb computer radiation is by simply drinking 2 to 3 cups of green tea and eating an orange. As green tea can be assimilated by the body easily into a form of vitamin A, which is later synthesised into a substance called rhodopsin, it helps reducing radiation. Also, rhodopsin helps keeping our eyes see things clearly in the dark by improving the visual ability, and at the same time protects us from the hazard of the computer radiation. Besides green tea, chrysanthemum tea, spirulina, Sea buckthorn oil also has the role of anti-radiation.
  3. Make sure you do a skincare protection before sitting in front of the computer. Apply a layer of facial mask to prevent yourself from the hazard of radiation. Remember to rinse your face with clean alkaline water to eliminate some electromagnetic radiation particles that may have attached to the surface of your face. Make sure you wash your face promptly after using the computer in order to reduce 70% of the radiation.
  4. It is advisable to attach a radiation filter plate in front of your computer's screen to reduce the hazard of radiation. Avoid putting any metal substances within the place where you place your computer as these metal substances may have reflected some of the electromagnetic waves that are harmful to your health. Adjust the brightness of your computer before using it. The brightest the screen the highest the radiation there will be and vice versa. Thus, try to adjust the screen brightness that is not too bright or too dark for your eyes to capture. In contrary, lowest level of brightness may irritate your eyes and cause your eyes strained easily. Take note that the brightness of the screen should make your eyes feel comfortable to gaze at.
  5. If possibly, purchase a new computer instead of using an old model computer. Old computer in general, has more radiations released than the new one within the same distance. Its radiation is usually one to two times higher than the newly developed computer.
  6. The position where you place your computer is important in reducing radiation. Do not let the back screen of your computer overlooking the place where people are walking around. For your information, the strongest radiation is released from the back of the screen, followed by the right and left of the screen, while the front screen releases less radiation. Make sure your eyes are placed in a distance of 50 to 75cm away from the screen to reduce the hazard of an electromagnetic radiation of the computer.
  7. Pay attention to the indoor ventilation. Recent research shows that the computer screen can produce a carcinogenic substance called bromine dibenzofuran, which is harmful to human's health. Therefore, make sure the place you put your computer is ventilated by a fan or a cooler. Otherwise, you have to search for a well-ventilated place before using the computer.
  8. Take some foods which are rich in vitamin A and C such as carrots, cherries, apples, bean sprouts, tomatoes as a good measure to reduce the harmful effect of an indoor radiation.
  9. For those who have to use a computer regularly while at work or at home, their eyes may get tired and pain easily after spending longer hours looking at the screen, so it is advisable to eat some bananas. The potassium in the banana helps easing the eyes disorders. Therefore, when your eyes feel dry, pain, irritated and dull, eat some bananas to relieve these eyes symptoms. Not only it eases eyestrain but also avoid premature aging of your eyes.

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