Follow this simple instructions to remove it manually.

  1. Click your Start Menu > Select Run > then type cmd and hit the enter key.
  2. Your are now in the DOS mode. Type cd\ > then type dir/ah and hit the enter key again.
  3. Type this command attrib -r -s -h *.*
  4. Then delete the following file extension "*.vbs, *.inf and *.htt" by typing this command in the DOS console.
  5. del *.vbs then hit enter key
  6. del *.inf then hit enter key
  7. del *.htt then hit enter key

  • The DOS command cd\, puts you to the root directory of your OS installation or your drive partation (i.e. C:\ and D:\ and so on).
  • The command dir/ah, shows files in the current directory with attributes "hidden".
  • The command attrib -r -s -h *.*, it removes your system attributes, read-only (-r), system (-s), and hidden (-h) of all files in the current directory.
  • The command del *.inf, del *.vbs and del *.htt, it deletes all files with the extensions INF, VBS, HTT in your current directory which is your drive C:\ and D:\ and so on, depending on how many partations is your Hard Disk Drive.
  • Actualy, this following file extension *.inf, *.vbs and *.htt, are the common file extension on viruses that hides in your system.
To be safe/sure permanently, install your most favorite antivirus and antispyware softwares in your computer so that you will have confidence on virus treats in your PC.

Remeber!, prevention is better than cure.

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