Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) is an anti-piracy system created by Microsoft that enforces Microsoft Windows online validation of the authenticity of several recent Microsoft operating systems when accessing several Microsoft Windows services, such as Windows Update, and downloading Windows components from the Microsoft Download Center. Specifically, WGA covers Windows XP and Windows Vista. It does not cover Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003 or the Windows 9x family. However, certain downloads and non-critical updates from the Download Center for Windows 2000 require validation.

However, if you download the windows update from Microsoft and experiencing this annoying serious problem about counterfeiting, There are several ways on how to solve this kind of problem and one of this is this one.
  • Click your "My Computer" > click your drive C: > click the folder WINDOWS.
  • Under the WINDOWS folder find the system32 folder then double click it. system32 folder is the folder where all of your DLL files are located and the other is the system folder.
  • In system32 folder find this DLL file "WgaLogon.dll" > right click on it and select properties.
  • In the tab menu of WgaLogon.dll properties select Version, it will display the file version of your WgaLogon.dll
  • Now you know the version of your Windows Genuine Validation, go click here to download the latest Windows Genuine Validation dll file.
  • Once you've done downloading it, extract the .rar file, copy the LegitCheckControll.dll, WgaLogon.dll and WgaTray.exe
  • Repeat the steps 1 and 2 to locate your system32 folder and paste those dll's you copy to replace the existing dll's with the new one. Windows will ask you to replace the existing file with the new one you copy. Just click the yes button to replace.
  • Once you done replacing it, locate the folder where you extract the dll's you copied, there's a MS-DOS Batch File there, click it to run and wait until it finish executing.
  • Once it's done reboot your system and those annoying counterfeiting pop-ups in your system tray will be gone.
Now your Windows Genuine Validation is updated and you can now download some security updates and bug fixes from Microsoft. Rest assure this is 100% working on Windows Update, Microsoft Download Center and Microsoft Update

Latest Version:

Windows Genuine Advantage Validation v1.8.32.1

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