There are certain applications that run slow on your PC, because it requires a lot of memory to accommodate its functionality in order to make it run smooth. But you can configure your virtual memory in order for your physical memory to get some extra memory by swapping it to your had disk space left.

In this article I will show you some tweaks in order to get your software application speeds up a little, or we can say it 80 - 90% speed compare to the previous speed when it is used. Follow these simple steps.

  • Click Start Menu > select Run > then type Regedit
  • Double click on HKEY_LOCAL_MECHINE > SYSTEM > CurrentConrolSet > Control.
  • Double click on Session Manager > Memory Management > PrefetchParameters.
  • Find the EnablePrefetcher REG_DWORD and
  • Right click on it then select Modify Binary Data.
  • Notice that the default value is 3, now change the value to 6.
  • Click the OK button, close the Registry and reboot your computer.
Now notice the changes once you open your application.

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